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JT-5 Autogyro
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JT-6 Technical Page

PIK-19 Tow Plane

MT-7 Autogyro


Virtual Aircraft

Making a Composite Prop

An Electric Gyro?

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Experimental Aircraft Links
EAA Home Page
Popular Rotorcraft Association Home Page
BRA Home Page
Oscar Ursinus Vereinigung OUV
Popular Flying Association
Réseau du Sport de l'Air
ASRA Home Page
EAA chapter 222, Sweden
Svenska Rotorflygklubben
Autogyro in Wikipedia
Autogyro and Helicopter Pioneer Heinrich Focke
Carter Copters
Groen Aeronautics Corporation
PIK - Aviation Club of Helskinki University of Technology
SIL Kotikentta (In Finnish only)
Mini-Sytky by Kai Mellen

Motorglider Links:
Motorgliding International
Auxiliary-powered Sailplane Association
Soaring Society of America

Motorgliders for sale

General Soaring Links

Alisport Silent
Lange Flugzeugbau
Alpaero (Builders of Exel and Choucas)

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