JT-5 Autogyro


The JT-5 autogyro model was made on my Macintosh using formZ RenderZone software. The model file size is 6.4 Mb (500000 polygons). A 2400x1600 size rendering typically took about 30 minutes in my Mac clone PowerTowerPro with 250 Mhz Motorola 604e processor and less than 10 minutes in my new 24" iMac with 2 Ghz Intel dualcore processor.

Click the pictures to view the bigger size!

JT-5 B wireframe model with formZ user interface.

"Virtual JT-5B" and the real JT-5 in the same scene.

JT-5 B over Loppi.

JT-5 B over Helsinki suburbs.

JT-5B on Malmi Airport.

Cabin opened and Cowling

Close up view with the cabin opned.

Steel tube airframe and controls. 


Power Plant, VW-1700

JT-5 Autogyro is a real aircraft. The model was
made only to illustrate some construction details

Some of the Comments I have received:

1. I happened to drop on your site and I must admit, it is very-very interesting. My good man, you are doing a good job !
Keep-up the good work !
Serge Clement Canada.

2. Thanks you so much for sharing your work on gyros..your accomplishments are extraordinary! Your graphics are sensational!!
I intend to visit your site* many times, and truly enjoy it.
Harold S. Kramer

3. I have had a bit of look around your website with great interest even the prop design section it is amazing to see how easily people pick up on things .
Tom Wickers

4. Your website is absolutely amazing! So instructive. For the gyro enthusiast this is a dream com true. I have been desiring to build my own machine for years but have never been satisfied with any of the machines I have seen. Here is a machine that takes the "amateure" out and puts "professional" into a homebuilt.
Maarten Hoogesteger